BIKEFRIENDLY Project / GÖOO Publishing 2013

In this 2013 we will leave the magazine format and its needs aside to focus on the project’s heart: Göoo Publishing. We are moving towards other kinds of publications and activities that keep the same Göoo spirit of always, to be an incentive / diffusion media of pure ​​graphical imagination.

The project BIKEFRIENDLY is the first step of this new phase. It’s a conscious and expressive project supporting the use of the bicycle.
The urban cycling is an activity that’s gaining more followers in the main world cities for many reasons, among mobility, environmental care and neglect of sedentarism.
Like any other growing activity, it has unique needs that are covered by creative minds. Bikefriendly is a sampling of applied creativity to solve these design needs, ranging from the development of bikes, specific products and clothing to pure graphic expression highlighting the benefits of cycling.

This project was born as a illustrated book called “Bikefriendly Imagination” which combines the cycling imagination of multiple international artists to build a network of exhibitions and presentations in several Latin American countries.

Over the next few months we will communicate all activities toking place in each country which will roll with us.

Stay tuned!


International call open to illustrators, artists and graphic designers.

Bikefriendly Imagination is the first illustrated pocket-book by Göoo Publishing.

Topic: Bicycles
Release date: September / October 2013

We seek for artworks that express the pleasure of riding a bicycle.
Urban-cycling, sport-cycling, the love for your little steel horse, the passion to feel good and free, to leave sedentarism, to not depend of traffic jams, the beauty of the object itself, the “trips” with friends, the little rides and many other situations that link us to our two-wheeled friend. These ideas and many others are part of the Bikefriendly Imaginary that we’re seeking … pure cycling experience translated into visual graphics.

At Göoo, we believe in cycling as a factor of positive change, both personally and social level.The main purpose of this book is to be an illustrated media of this message.

So … let’s roll that imagination!


Medium/Technique: Free
Format: 13 x 15 cm + 5mm bleed (final: 14 x 16 cm) = 1654×1890 px
Color mode: RGB
Resolution: 300 DPI
File format: JPG
Max File-Size: 5MB
NOTE: Only vertical format. Landscape and/or out of fotmat artworks will not be taken into account.

1. Download the participation form (.doc). There’s also available to download the templates in .ai and .psd format in case you need it.
2. Rename the files (.doc and. jpg) as indicated on the form.
3. Send both files (.doc and. jpg) in a single email to with the subject “OPEN CALL GBF BOOK / Your Name“.
4. Si vas a enviar mas de una obra repite el paso 3 independientemente en cada imagen. Cada imagen debe tener su formulario adjunto en el mismo mail.
Sending the filled form is mandatory to participate in the open call.

Each selected artist will be published in all media and will receive a copy of the book. Will also be included in different artshows and presentations to be made within the BIKEFRIENDLY project in different countries of Latin America.

The selection will be done considering the following items:
» Concept / idea
» Relevance to the topic
» Originality and graphic resolution of the idea
» Mastering the technique used
» Visual strength
» Relationship image and typography (if using)

There is no limit of proposals you can send, but in case of being selected only one artwork by author will be published.

We’re looking forward for exclusive artworks in our magazine. Any material that has been already published may be rejected.

If you would like to post your work at any website, we’ll be really grateful if you mention that the work in question was made for Göoo Ediciones |
In any case, we’re grateful that the submitted artworks wont be posted until the release of the book in September / October 2013.
The final list of selected artists will be published in our website approximately 30 days after the deadline. All selected artists will be contacted in the next days after the publication of the list.
Göoo Magazine has only the rights of publication, distribution and exhibition (at presentations, events, festivals, etc) of the selected artworks; and may not perform any financial transaction on them, except the sale of magazines.
The magazine release date is subject to the factors that allow Göoo to produce it.

Sending the following form expresses the acceptance of the bases and conditions of participation.
The data in the following form should not have errors since they will be used for credits on the publication and also mailing of the complimentary copy. Any change in address must be reported asap. Once that the copy was sent to the address stated in this form, there won’t be made any forwarding to new adresses.