Göoo #11 | Illogical | Selected artists

Finally, after a tough selection process, the final list of selected artists who will be part of Göoo # 11 Illogical is ready!
We have not enough words to thank everyone who participated in the call, getting a total of 728 proposals submitted. We are more than happy with the results!

Unfortunately there’s space for just a few … but stay tunned, because we intend to incorporate some of the remaining work on future projects!

Gooo #11 will be out in the tenth edition of TMDG (Sep.30 to Oct.02).

Here we present the list of selected artists … and some other news below ;)

As we have been anticipating, Göoo reinvents itself and is still adding content. For this edition we will feature several new sections with guest artists. Here’s a preview them.

Editorial Dossier
Daniel Roldan (ARG)

Typographic Poster
Ale Paul (ARG)
Chris Piascik (USA)
Jonny Wan (UK)
Piktorama (VEN)
Playful / Pablo Alfieri (ARG)
Sean Freeman (UK)
Superexpresso (ITA)

Daniel Roldan (ARG)
überkraaft (UK)