Göoo #9 · Utopia

“Way to utopia, the horizon draws infinite; the journey turns spiraled and complex. Our dissatisfaction is eternal, but our capacity to dream and believe keeps us in balance, and despite living in a “topos” where everything seems to be denied, Utopia –the no place– is always there, further, beyond our heads.

Everything is possible and real. Everything is palpable at the touch of our walk, and our walk translates each step in arriving and arriving and arriving.
Everything is, and everything is there. Somewhere in our soul.

Utopia is…
Utopia is a place where to proyect yourself, an anxiety of searching and creating, a need to believe and have hope of other realities, a place where our dreams and wishes live.
It’s a subversive report, blames this world for not giving it a place –the good place– rising flags inside ourselves which criticize the impossible of the impossible.
It’s a proposal, still far away to prophesy truths, recreates new realities, alternative worlds, built with something much more powerful than all reason, an internal fire that grows with daring hope (…)”

Text: Marta Cuenca


Format: 145 x 100 mm / 6 x 4″
Cover: 4/4 Colours – matt illustration paper 250 gr
Inside: 160 pag – 4/4 colours – matt illustration paper 130 gr
Extras: 1 Postcard
Languaje: Spanish/English
Release date: June 2010


Cover + editorial art: Pablo Nudel (AR)
Featured Artist / Interview: Pablo Lobato (AR)