Göoo #8 · Pleasure

“Because we don´t know what the oxitocin tastes like, nor where the hypothalamus is located at, we care the same about the “it” than about any other part of the psyches and we don´t go deeper into the primary gratification mechanisms. 

Pleasure is so much alike happiness like an orange is alike a tangerine. And so alike they are that painful pleasure still feels like happiness, even if it scratches…

What we want is to climb up high, eat chocolate, to stick the finger in, pull the legs of an ant, to be caressed like the wind does, to admire a Picasso, to make you feel pain, to play and win, to drive a fast car through a sunny road, to love secretly, to smell the scent of jasmines, to understand the principles of mater, to listen to Motzart, to be scared at the movies, to have group sex, to read Galeano, to spray paint, to be breast fed, to fly an gliding,to find the right word, to abuse of our power, to finish that equation, to eat the last spoonful, to do right, to touch silk, to lay under the sun, to watch ourselves bleed, to lay under the shade of a pine tree, to open a new color-pencil box, to have a smoke afterwards, to knead mud, to steal a bottle of whiskey, to walk with new shoes, to touch yourself there, to smell a barbecue, to read others´ messages, to score a goal, to complete the collection, to feel the needle, to see kites, to touch your knees with your head, to kiss, to sleep in a warm bed, to scream, to understand, to pull off a scab…”

Text: alegría del hogar a.k.a carolina leal


Format: 145 x 100 mm / 6 x 4″
Cover: 4/4 colours on matt illustration paper 250 gsm – Spot UV Varnish
Inside: 144 pages – 4/4 colours on matt illustration paper 130 gsm
Extras: 1 Postcard
Language: Spanish/English
Release date: October 2009


Cover + editorial art: Santiago Palazzeisi aka ilsantito (AR)