Göoo #11 · Illogical



“To believe that everything can be measured by the yardstick of reason is perhaps the first mistake we make at the time to start think creatively. No matter how ‘reasonable’ is what we think, there is always a different way to do it, without having to fall into the common or the established.
All logical analysis becomes an original idea when we find a way to get out of the road to find other ones wich will lead us to different places. To what places? Basically we do not know, but the important thing is to enjoy the ride that will lead us into the unknown. The reason is to buy the ticket and get the luggage ready, the rest will be discover by traveling the world of imagination.
And when the imagination kicks in, the logical thing is tinged of ideas that intersect, collide and conflict with each other, to find a desired destination.
The analytical thinking raises the base of our itinerary, but the illogical, which apparently makes no sense, is what we really seek. In this search for the destinies of the imagination is where you can finally found the absolute freedom of thought wich will make this trip something different.
Göoo is a constant transit by this trails of the ‘no reason’; then what better than ‘illogical’ to represent this new stage that begins, this reinvention of ourselves?
Throughout these pages you will enjoy the experience of the travelers from the illogic, those who have traveled the roads of pure imagination, to represent the most unlikely places of their creative minds.
Then, tie up your shoelaces and enjoy this journey through the most diverse imaginary worlds.”


Format: 130 x 200 mm / 5.1 x 7.9″
Cover: 4/4 colours – matt illustration paper 300 gsm
Inside: 144 pag – 4/4 colours – matt illustration paper 130 gsm
Extras: Foldout Poster + Postcard
Language: Spanish/English
Release date: October 2011

Photos by Juanita Barriga M.


Cover Art + Editorial: Santiago Palazzesi (ARG)

Dossier: Daniel Roldan (ARG)

Interviews: Daniel Roldan (ARG) / überkraaft (UK)

Typographic Poster: Ale Paul (ARG) / Chris Piascik (USA) / Jonny Wan (UK) / Piktorama (VEN) / Playful / Pablo Alfieri (ARG) / POGO (ARG) / Sean Freeman (UK) / Superexpresso (ITA)