Göoo #10 · Circus

“The spotlights turn on, the suit shines, the music sounds; then the children laugh, the parents are amazed, the women sigh and the elderly worry: standing in the middle of this round bright light, ready to do what others don’t dare to try, we wait for the sign. 

A mute sign in the melody of the beating heart.
What has been rehearsed a thousand times put to the test without a safety net.
The shine of the visible characters held by the stage of the invisible characters.

Here we are. We have the strength of the titans, the beauty of the mermaids, a courageous soul and we know the impossible by heart.

So go on, take your seats: were doing it on more time, as if we never done it before, cause standing on this bright round light we are not humans, cause without the magic, the laughs and the risk, life is long and senseless.”

Text: carolina leal


Format: 145 x 100 mm / 6 x 4″
Cover: 4/4 Colours – matt illustration paper 250gsm
Inside: 160 pag – 4/4 colours – matt illustration paper 115gsm
Extras: 1 Postcard
Languaje: Spanish/English
Release date: October 2010


Cover + editorial art: Martín Orza aka himnôfeda! (ARG)
Featured Artist / Interview: Sebastiaan Van Doninck (BEL)