Göoo Editions

Göoo is a publishing project for those eyes who enjoy the visual arts and graphic expression. A diverse showcase of designers, illustrators and artists of the world to delight the imagination.
At present, we publish four editions per year: two issues of Revista Göoo with a production of 7500 copies each; a book and an illustrated calendar, which both are special and limited editions.

Göoo Magazine

Is a publication that mixes different styles and trends of the contemporary visual arts. The editorial line is totally fresh and unbiased, with a great freedom to express esthetics and concepts, allow us to to experiment with different materials and contents.

Its main purpose is to provide a dissemination way for artists, whether embodied or unknown, but only giving importance to the quality of their work. In every issue appears the contact info of each artist, so everybody can check it’s whole work.

The magazine’s content is based on a particular topic raised in each issue which is the conceptual engine for the artists who participate.
The selection of the material to be published is picked from two sources: an open call, and a direct call to some recognized artist from the media. Nowadays we receive artworks from all over the globe, including whole Latin America and countries such as USA, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Corea y Australia, Finland, Italy, Norway, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Canada, and many more.
Our work in each issue is to achieve a consistent editorial enclosing the selected material. For this we rely on conceptual, graphic and printed experimentation with the support of major suppliers of Argentine.

It’s because of the great variety of artworks, that each issue is a collector’s piece and a timeless magazine, making it last in time.
With over 50 original art pieces in each magazine, we are one of the publications with more artists by issue in Latin America.

Because of the exclusivity of the published artworks, Göoo only goes out two times a year, in June and September. We also work in two extra publications during the year. All of them with the same editorial criteria.

Our distribution net is very wide and includes the main design book stores an shops, not only in Buenos Aires, but also in countries like Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Perú, Brasil, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain and the Netherlands.

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Nowadays Göoo is a main reference for students and professionals in the visual arts field all over Latin America.